I think NARS has amazing products.  In my opinion it is a great brand for powder products like blush, eyeshadows  and bronzers because the pigment in their products is amazing. A little goes a long way, photo-52I myself own 4 of their blushes alone; Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Angelika and Amour. Currently I use Amour as I think it’s the perfect shade of pink. For bronzer I have it in Laguna and use it to contour.

I own 2 highlighters the first comes in a cream tube it’s called Copacabana it’s a beautiful white, shimmery colour. Next is in a powder form and it’s called Albatross.

For lips I bought the perfect nude lipstick called Belle de Jour and I pair it up with NARS lipgloss in Striptease. I also own the lipgloss Turkish Delight which is the perfect pink. FYI- I find that NARS  lipglosses don’t smell or taste great but the colours are beautiful.

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