Health and Nutrition

Okay so the New Years resolutions are probably (hopefully) still in full effect and I’m assuming most people have diet and exercise among their resolution.  Mine was definitely to take care better care of my body by fuelling it with better nutrition and supplements.

photo-54Here is what I have started to do:

  • Take a Jamieson’s Super Vita-Vim multivitamin every morning
  • Take a tablespoon of Progressive OmegEssential + D Fish Oil (it’s honestly not so bad)
  • Take a small shot of pure organic cranberry juice after the fish oil
  • Have an Isoflex whey protein shake with water
  • Do 25 squats each day

It may sound like a lot but it’s your body and honestly I’m sure most of us females spend more time on our makeup!

4 thoughts on “Health and Nutrition

  1. What’s the whey powder for? I associate it with body building. I like your suggestions. I have a good heath food store near my office and will check these out. Oh, and my doctor once told me that a good multivitamin and fish oils was all you really needed – she was referring to all the many, many supplements out there these days.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Its true I think fish oil above most things is very important it is the main thing my professor of health psychology recommended. Whey powder is very healthy and will not “bulk” you up. We all need a certain amount of protein in our diet about 0.5xweight in grams and it’s difficult to get. In the mornings I never have time to cook breakfast so I decided to start having a shake!,,20410520,00.html

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