Boyfriend Stealer

MAC Archie's Girls Lipstick in Daddy's Little Girl (7)Don’t worry it’s only the name of my new lipstick. I went out and got myself a newphoto-57 MAC lipstick from the “Archie’s Girls” collect. The MAC stores are beautifully decorated and have fun a fun vibe with this collection. My lipstick is from Veronica’s collection. I  love love love this colour is sexy yet classy and so elegant for Fall or evening. I first tried this at the store and on my way home I had women stop and ask me what I was wearing and a random guy that walked by me said “beautiful colour”.

photo-61It’s fair to say this is definitely a keeper! When wearing bold, dark colours it’s very important to first line the lips. In order for me keep this lipstick as true t its colour I lined my lips with MAC lip liner in Subculture. If you need tips on how to wear lipstick click here!

What do you guys think of the colour?

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