MAC: Archie’s Girls



MAC Cosmetics launched their Archie’s Girls limited edition collection today and I couldn’t be more excited! If you grew up reading the comic books you would be equally excited!

There are separate pallets for Betty and Veronica and the two collections feature everything from eyeshadows to nail laquer. All of the Betty products which tend to be more pink and muted in colour and feature a Betty and her blonde hair graphic and the Veronica products which are deeper and more plum based have a cute little Veronica graphic. I love the Betty eyeshadow pallet I think it’s great for creating a daytime smokey eye. I am also obsessed with the Betty Bright lipstick although can’t find it since it’s sold out. The Veronica lipstick collection is a knock-out and all three lipsticks, Daddy’s Little Girl, Boyfriend Stealer and Ronnie Red images-5are amazing colours! Most of the lipsticks are already sold online so go to a MAC store nearby and see if you get your hands on this playful images-1collection. Browse the collection online at

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