“This Too Shall Pass”

DownloadedFile-1This is by far one of my favourite sayings, I even got a custom made silver ring made in Israel with this saying inscribed since the story originated there. This saying does come with a story but to put it in short form it means appreciate all the good times because they will pass, and when things are really hard and awful remember that they will also pass.

I was talking to a friend last night on Skype and was reminded that I’m very silly and playful by nature and I don’t take myself seriously. I have always lived with this saying in the back of my mind but lately I forgot and I started feeling really down.

Here is what I think: I think Everyone is alike, we all make small and at times big mistakes. Unfortunately, we have all experienced betrayals and hardships and disappointing grades, bad interviews, horrible break-ups and embarrassing haircuts. When I think back on some of these trying times it all just feels like a distant memory for the most part because time heals everything and the human mind is very capable of adjusting and overcoming adversity.

Trust me it can be hard but I don’t believe in letting hardships win or holding grudges. So I say always pick yourself up and stop resenting that boy or girl that has hurt you and if something is making you unhappy, simply change it. Focus on being happy and healthy, because that way you will feel great and become contagious for those around you.

Until last night I had even forgot about this to a certain extent so this morning I did what I always used to do to get happy; I put on some good music and danced.

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