The 85th Academy Awards

I know I’m a bit behind in doing this post but I still want acknowledge the 2013 oscars-gunmetal-grey-celebs-trend-w724Oscars and the fashion style that came with it.

This is the world biggest fashion show, it can turn unpopular actors into fashion icons and turn A-list celebrities into the fashion disasters. Unfortunately, I was honesty very disappointed with the fashion this year, it was quite boring and everyone decided to wear a grey sparkle dress, I just do not understand!


In my personal opinion best dressed goes to Mark Andrews who won as co-director for Best Animated Feature for the movie Brave. His jennifer-aniston-oscars-2013outfit was way

more colourful and fun than anyone’s. A close second, and I’m surprised to say this, was Jennifer Aniston, she took a chance and wore a red Valentino and she looked great!

Anne Hathaway in Prada just did not work, anne hathaway dressbetween the wardrobe malfunction and colour that washed her out I think she should have worn something totally different in my opinion, especially since she knew she was going to win. Too bad Angelina Jolie was not there I would have loved to see her bring some glamour.

What did everyone think of the fashion at the Oscars?

One thought on “The 85th Academy Awards

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