I had an incredible experience at an AVEDA Spa recently and I just had to share. I have been to tons of salons but so far AVEDA stands out due to its unique customer oriented eperience. My favourite experience was the 15 minute head and hand massage experienced in a private dimly lit spa inspired station. After getting your hair washed you receive this treatment and a towel is placed over your eyes and nose av_A0FA_254that has been infused with AVEDA’s Blue Oil. This product is truly amazing, infused with peppermint and camomile it will aid in calming the body the mind and easing tired muscles. The bottle is very small so it’s very portable and if you are feeling stressed you can roll some of this oil on your wrists. I was inspired and purchased my own little bottle. If you have a small towel rub some of the oil onto it an place it over your eyes and nose whenever you feel stressed or before bed. It is sure to help.
Special thank you to Mrs. Debbie O’Brien who introduced to the AVEDA experience!
You can purchase this oil at any AVEDA store or order online here.

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