Regrow your Eyebows

Eyebrows shapeOk, so for years you have plucked and waxed and now you want bigger and fuller eyebrows. I have gotten a number of requests on writing a post on how to regrow your eyebrows.  Having a good set of eyebrows can often become a trademark, and can dramatically change your whole appearance.

  • The first step is to cut back on the plucking and waxing. My tip is to try and grow your eyebrows in rows if it’s at all possible. To do this allow hairs close to the existing brow to grow in but tweeze the hairs that are not. As the closer ones grow in, you can begin to grow in the next row. This method will allow your eyebrows to grow yet still look polished.
  • Another method which I’m not sure works but have read about is to stimulate hair growth through exfoliation. Use a soft toothbruth and gently rub the area in order to cleanse away dead skin so new hairs can penetrate through the surface. Then apply olive, argan, or coconut oil to the area. Another beneficial oil is castor oil.
  • product_img_131_250x250.jpgA new product I found is Blink “Nourishing Brow Oil” . This is a sweet almond oil to nourish, Rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth is often recommended by aroma therapists, Lavender and sandalwood to calm and balance the skin. Most effective when applied at night but can be applied as and when needed. If you want to order here is the link to their website.
  • DownloadedFile-1Start taking vitamin suppliments. Daily multivatims are a great start. For hair growth you definitely need to load up on Biotin, Silica and Vitamin E. I recommend Phyto Hair and Nails Dietary Suppliment pills. I take them everyday and have always noticed a difference.
  • s1394709-main-heroInvest in the Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum, The serum is formulated with an advanced Pentapeptide chain and is rich in botanical extracts and vitamins to help strengthen and condition skin and brow hair. With regular, twice-daily use, this product helps you to achieve fuller, longer, and more youthful-looking brows with less breakage.
  • While your eyebrows are growing in, if you choose to use the DownloadedFile-2serum I suggest getting the “No Brows No Problem Kit” which includes the Brow Enchancing Serum, a Brow-Wiz, and a clear gel to hold everything in place
  • images-2If you can afford it, invest in Latisse and apply it to the eyebrow area. This product definitely will give you results, itwill take around 4 weeks to start seeing good results but you will notice them
  • Finally, if you don’t want to wait or spend money on products then I suggest you go to a good salong that offers eyebrow tatto services and get them filled in. Remember to go to a reputable place and choose an eyebrow that best compliments your face. If you are unsure you can glance at my previous post on eyebrows.

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