Krazy for KORRES

I’m a huge fan of Greek natural skincare line KORRES. The skinline came about after George Korres, joined the team of Mr Tzivanides at the Tzivanides Pharmacy in 1989 while still studying Pharmacology at the University of Athens. The Skinline is completely organic using mostly Greek herbs and natural content varying between 80-99,80%! If you have sensitive skin this is definitely the line for you.

korres2KORRES is one of the very few skincare lines to win a NOBEL prize based on their discovery and the findings of primary research on Quercetin & Oak, as an an anti-aging product.  If you have been looking for a healthy regiment and a product that delivers result, I suggest you grab a product from their Quercetin & Oak line.

I personally use the Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturing & Brightening cream. It’s korres1super moisturing and loaded with vitamin C, perfect for repairing those first few lines.

If you are in search of a completely organic, sensitive skin friendly skinline that delivers results definitely go grab a sample! I’m crazy about this line.

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