Apriati Jewelry

xmas2012_bigApriati: the ancient Greek word meaning strong desire for having beautiful possessions.

There is no better way to describe this beautiful jewelry line and I can’t contain my excitement and love when telling you all about it. It’s got a apriatibohemian vibe with  luxury touches of gold and diamonds that make this jewelry line so unique. You can describe it as “gypsy-chic”

Ribbon Ring

I first discovered the line in an ad in a magazine mid flight to Mykonos, Greece and made it my mission to visit their store. I ended up getting a red chord 18kt gold evil eye bracelet which I have not taken off since I first put it on at the store almost two years ago. They only have stores in Mykonos, Athens, Paris and Zurich and if you find yourself in any of these lovely cities I recommend you go visit their store, I’m positive you won’t be able to leave empty handed.  I am obsessed with their 18kt gold “Ribbon Ring”.

Visit their website here to look at their collection or shop online.

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