Get Your Copacabana Glow

I’m always looking for a new illuminator, I have so many different kinds in many different forms, some creams, some liquids, and some shadow textured.

My new favourite is from NARS in Copacabana. I already own the illuminating cream stick but I love the new liquid form. The cream stick has a thicker consistency and creates a more dramatic effect but can a bit much for a day look.

The Multiple Cream Stick
Illuminator Liquid


The new liquid version goes on sheer but can be easily built up in coverage. I first put some on the back of my hand then use my finger to place on my face. A little goes a long way! It creates such a beautiful natural glow and it’s perfect for highlighting underneath the eye area. I’m in love all over again with the Copacabana colour!

Enjoy Xx

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