The Bachelor Canada – Questions Answered

Cosmo TV  has been rerunning The Bachelor Canada and I am always happy yet shocked when people come up to me or recognize me from being on the show.  I tend to get asked the same questions all the time regarding the show so I thought of posting them here for the rest of you.


Q: “How did you like it? / Was it a weird experience?”

A: It was a once in a lifetime, unique experience. It was nothing like how someone can imagine it to be because there’s so many factors and emotions involved. The best part of this experience was definitely meeting all the amazing girls I’m proud to say were my roommates and the close friendships that developed. The hardest part of the show were the rose ceremonies – always stressful, long hours and it got harder and harder to say good-bye to your friends.

Q: “Is it is all scripted?”

A: No. Simply put it’s not, what you say is basically what you get. No one can tell you or force you to say or do anything you don’t want to do.

Q: “How is Brad?”

A: Brad is a nice guy, he was always very funny and tried to make all of us feel comfortable. He’s definitely not shy and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Oh and he can cook.


Hope this helps guys!! xx

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