If you are into Astrology, this is for you

Everyday, at any given time, someone is either seeing a physic, reading their horoscope, glancing at an astrology website, getting a tarot reading or maybe talking to a therapist. Why? I feel as humans there’s a huge urge inside to find out not just about yourself but about what’s going to happen with that special someone close to you..especially when you first meet someone you like. I’m sure most of us have been guilty or creeping the astrology of someone we like, hoping we like what we read or our compatibility together matches.  


 I enjoy reading astrology and find it fun but by no means would I let it control my destiny or influence my relationship with someone. As most of my friends know, I do own a really good book  called “The New Astrology” that an ex-boyfriend of mine actually told me about. The author is Suzanne White and the book mixes western astrology with the yearly Chinese animal signs. Out of any astrological book or website I have come across I will say this one can be eerily accurate in describing those closest to you. Just like this book was shared with me, I have shared it with many girlfriends and now I’m sharing it with all of you.


Have fun reading! xx



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