My New Year’s Advice to You


It’s nearing the end of yet another year and although some people may become sad at the thought of the year ending I’m sure most, including myself, are excited and eagerly awaiting the new year!

I tend to have my own so called “rituals” around new years which includes me writing a long letter of gratitude for everything that I have in my life and for all the blessings, accomplishments and people in my life.  I like to take this time of year and send people close to me greeting cards, e-greeting or individualized text messages wishing them the best in the year. I think it’s important to recognize and be thankful for anyone in your life that has touched you in some way. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and I also believe that people come in your life for certain reasons. I know that when it comes to love or relationships this can be tough, and it’s not easy for me either, trust me. Whether you are looking for love or have found yourself in a relationship it is important to understand that although we may try our hardest to put our desires out there in the universe, sometimes the universe will send you a life lesson that you needed to experience in order to move forward to find or be where you are meant to be. If you stay open and positive the universe will constantly send you life lessons and although they may hurt you, you will only be allowed to move forward if you truly learn from them. For example, I’m a very independent and strong willed person but have difficulties with being very naive, until I learn to be less naive the universe will keep testing me. Another important lesson is that if people give you criticism, really listen and try to see their point of view, maybe you could improve, maybe if someone notices something they don’t like others might not like either, which could be very helpful information. Criticism can be a great learning lesson and  in my opinion good criticism is better than false flattery anytime!

This is also the time of year where I do a lot of reflecting on my past year, I go back in my journal and read my goals or aspirations for the year and evaluate how much I got done or what I could have done more. This past summer I spent 2 months in Israel which was an amazing experience that really touched me. I learned a lot about love, family, what it truly means to be happy and how much we have to be grateful for. To say it was a humbling experience is a huge understatement and I will forever cherish the memories I made and the spiritual knowledge I acquired.

I also take this time write down my goals for the next year and make a list of how I think I will achieve those goals. One of my goals last year was to start a blog and I’m so grateful to anyone that has liked, supported or left me comments over this past year, a huge thank you!

If you have never made a list or written goals I highly recommend you try it this year. It could be anything from drinking an extra cup of water each day (a must do for me) to saving for that little vacation you have always wanted. A lot of people may say; “I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, but I can’t or I would like to be more healthy but I can’t find the time” and I always tell my friends the same thing when I hear people  giving excuses:

There is no such thing as “Can’t” , there is only “I don’t want to.

The only think you can’t do unfortunately is cure an uncuruable disease, everything else we can do, whether we really want to or not is the difference.  I encourage you to take this time before the new year begins and give thanks, set goals and get passionate about you in the new year.

I hope I have left you with some insight and some things to think about, this was a very personal entry for me and I really hope you enjoyed it. xx

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