Let’s Makeup


I have found the holy grail of foundations..I think. My girlfriend will laugh at me because I’m always raving about finding “the best” foundation. This foundation is exceptional on every level: It is super hydrating and blends so perfectly creating a flawless dewy glow while providing protection for your skin with SPF 25. If you are like me the added SPF protection is great because I never wear sunscreen (bad I know). Here is how Guerlain explains its foundation:

Capturing light is an art. Transposing it on the skin is magical. Guerlain creates Parure de Lumière, its first moisturising and light-creating foundation that boosts the luminosity of the complexion. Its secret? Luminescent Water, a marine spring water that is absorbed deep within the skin to continuously hydrate it and infuse it with light. Prisma Light 360 pigments expand over the skin’s surface to recreate pure and immaculate light. On first contact, its light, fluid and fresh formula fuses with the skin to dress it in radiance.
The complexion is revived and perfectly satiny. The skin breathes freely, illuminated by a new light.

Added bonus is its very beautiful, distinctive and delicate floral scent with notes of rose, raspberry and jasmine.  I use  shade 03 (Beige Naturel) and apply it with a round face brush  for an effortless and professional application.

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