aaHappy New Year to everyone!! I know I’m a bit late and yes I know it’s been almost a year since my last post (not great I know). I told myself that I’m really going to make an effort and update my blog because it really is something I loved doing.

I always write down my resolutions right before the New year but this year was a bit crazy for me because I was in London. They say it’s around this two week mark in January that people are most depressed because they feel they have not been keeping up with their resolutions but I think it’s also a great time to take another look at your resolutions if needed and just motivate yourself again!  Here are some of my resolutions for this year:

  1. Continue to update my blog – I’ll be doing some posts on fitness, makeup, travel, and other cool stuff
  2. Volunteer – I started volunteering at The Covenant House and I’m so happy and proud to be helping such an amazing organization.
  3. Cut back on the junk (even a little) – anyone that knows me knows I’m a basically obsessed with chocolate and pizza so it’s kind of unreasonable to stay I’ll completely cut my two loves out but I will try and limit :-p
  4. Workout – Fitness and overall health is important to me so I will dedicate this year to becoming stronger. Goal – be able to do a handstand again
  5. Read more –  I read some great books this summer and it reminded me just how much I love losing myself in a good book. We all spend too much on our phones so I’m going to put my iPhone down more and pick up a book instead.
  6. Travel to a place I have not been to – on my bucket list : Africa, Italy, Spain.
  7. Get more sleep – I’m such a night owl and get all my energy at night time which is not great considering I have to wake up early for work. I’m really going to try different ways to help me sleep earlier.

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