About Me

My name is Ana Calin, and in the fall of 2012 I appeared on Canada’s first ever The Bachelor series, after my twin sister, Ilinca, secretly submitted me. It was a crazy experience I will cherish and never forget! I learned a lot about friendships, patience and character.

I am currently living in Vancouver, Canada but was born in Bucharest Romania and immigrated to Canada when I was 8 years old. Adjusting to a new country with a different language was difficult but we all made it work. I was never the popular kid in school but in a weird way I am now grateful for all the teasing because it has kept me humble. When I was just 13 years old my mom fell ill with cancer and when I was 14, at the age of 39, she passed away from non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. My mom was by biggest role model and every piece of my moral and emotional foundation that I posses is thanks to her. Things at home were always difficult because my dad was abusive and controlling towards the three of us but after my mom passed away it got much worse. My sister and I finally gathered up to courage to run away one night and never looked back. The whole experience really affected me but it has also been a huge motivator for me to try and create the happy, normal life I never had growing up. After leaving home with nothing more than a quarter in my socks I got three jobs, was disciplined, focused, worked really hard and finally graduated with an economics degree from Carleton University in 2011.

Like everyone else I have had my ups and down, my break ups and disappoints but I truly believe life is about “how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”.

I’m sharing my story because I hope to empower women out there to believe in themselves and their beauty,overcome adversity and pursue their goals, passions and dreams. For me, some of those passions have always been my appreciation for the fashion and beauty industry and constantly trying to improve and become a better version of myself.

This blog is my personal opinion and advice on everything from setting goals, getting healthy, to fashion and skincare. I hope you enjoy it!




12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very moving and inspiring post Ana! For the ones who know you and a bit of your past and all that you both have been through we just can say you guys are wonderful people.

  2. Hi Ana

    It’s funny how many things we have in common but I would never think to assume Ive been through what you endured. My fam is also from Romania and my dad was very strict so I left home to be on my own. I moved to ottawa and studied economics too class of 2009. School was one of my biggest challenges. Anyway I’m not saying all of this to say I know what you’ve been thru but as you said we all go thru our life and it’s the decisions we make that make us stronger. Keep up the good work !!

  3. Not only are you “chill” you are very humble too! I think being on a “Reality TV Show” makes you a real celebrity. You have a nice story and lot to be proud of. It was my pleasure to drive you yesterday. I seen that guy that decided to take a Taxi sitting in the “Auddi” seats watching tennis…well sort of watching…he was there…on his phone a lot! He really looks unhappy. Anyhow take care. Chow

    1. Hi Jay, Thanks soo much for this beautiful comment. I really appreciate your message. Hope you are having a great week. Thanks again for everything 🙂

      1. Hi Ana,

        If that last comment is true, just wanted to give you some support. My mother died of cancer when I was 9 yrs old. My dad raised us 3 boys alone. He was a alcoholic so life was not great growing up for me either. Not sure how that compares to you and your sister. But I can only wish you the best for your appearance in Court. I don’t know if you still come out to the BNP Paribas in the USA, but if you do, please stop by the transportation department and say hi 👋

        Jay CALLIN 😊

        P.S. You were born in Romania, so this might be a dumb question, but are you Romanian??? 😉

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